Click the link below to submit your grant application today! We look forward to hearing all about your innovative ideas to enhance you classroom.  Grant Applications are due September 1, 2020.


Please submit your two-page (maximum) proposal, three letters of reference from individuals who are knowledgeable about your work with young children.

Proposal Summary: Briefly summarize your project and address the following:

  1. Goals: What is the goal of this project? Describe the students to be served.
  2. Objectives and Narrative: What will the project do? What will you do and how?
    How many students and teachers will be involved?     What grade levels?
    Can this project be replicated and how? How does this project relate to your schools goals?
    How will it improve student achievement and teaching skills?
  3. Timetable: Provide a schedule of activities. Describe plans to continue after the grant period.
  4. Evaluation: How will you determine success? Describe any methods to measure results.
    How will the school district, teachers, students, and parents learn about the results?
  5. Project Budget: Itemize all project costs, i.e. materials, supplies, etc. List any other sources of funding (parents, other grants, solicitations, etc.)